The Kenyan society is divided into economic classes which determine where one lives especially in major



In Kenyan towns, there are certain residential areas which are only for the rich and the haves in society.


There are also some estates which are known to be home to the middle-income while others are preserves

for the low income earners. In Nakuru town, there are few estates where the people who live there are

known to be either rich or filthy rich.


Here are a few estates that are home to Nakuru’s top class and rich.


1. Milimani


This leafy and posh suburb is situated a few kilometers from the Nakuru central business district, and is

home to the most influential and who is who in Nakuru. The Milimani gated community is a preserve for

those who own big sums of money and also drive big cars. The estate is home to politicians, businessmen

and other senior government officials serving in Nakuru. The suburb is neighbour to the Menengai Forest

which gives it the ambiance it deserves.


2. Section 58 

Located on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway, Section 58 as it is popularly known, is another gated estate where

Nakuru’s rich call home. Most homes in this area are owned by individuals while only a few are

rented. Section 58 serves as home to most upper middle class of Nakuru as well as the Asian community.


3. London


Just as the name suggests, the estate is the little London of Nakuru, and is home to the lower middle class

of Nakuru. Majority of London residents are small-scale businessmen and women as well as middle-class

civil servants. Most houses in the estate are rentals, with a few being personally owned.

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