If you intend to live in Nakuru,there are several estates where middle class as well as high class people


live.It is interesting to note that Nakuru is one of the cheapest towns to live and among the cleanest towns


in East and Central Africa.


These are Nakuru Estates


  1. Ngata Estate

The estate is along Nakuru Eldoret highway streching from Njoro junction.Ngata estate is a few kilometers

from Nakuru town. The estate is very clean with modern houses. Most of the people here live in their

homes but there are few houses for people to rent.


The rental fee of a single room is Ksh 2,000-Ksh3,500 while that of a bedsitter is around Ksh.3500 to


Ksh.5000. One bedroom goes for Ksh 6,000-Ksh 8,000 while two bedroom houses go for Ksh 8,000-




Security at Ngata estate is extremely good, and there are several areas to shop.





Langalanga is a middle class estate preferred by most people who live in the town.Transport to town is


low-usually not more than 50 and there are several vehicles plying the route.


Most houses here are either two or three bedrooms but there are few one bedroom and single rooms. It is


interesting that you can get a one bedroom house of Ksh 4,000 and a two bedroom house of Ksh 8,0000.A


single room here is between Ksh.1,500-Ksh 3,500.



3.Racecourse Estate


Racecourse estate is one of the few estates where people of means live.the houses here are much


expensive, but the good thing is,the rent cannot at any time reach what landlords and agents charge in


Nairobi.A two bedroom house in Ngata is between Ksh 8,000-Ksh 13,000 while a one bedroom house goes


for Ksh 6,000-Ksh9,000.


Very few single rooms exist in Racecourse but if you are lucky to get one,the cost is Ksh3,000-Ksh 4,500.





This is a growing estate with fresh air,excellent drainage system and cheap houses.One thing you would


love about this areas is that there are several vehicles plying the route, security is good as well as several


schools,which include Kiamunyi Primary school.


A single room at Kiamunyi is Ksh 1,500-Ksh 3,500 while one bedroom is Ksh 4,500-Ksh 8,000.Two


bedroom is Ksh 7,000-Ksh13,000 while three bedroom house does not exceed Ksh20,000.





The rent in most of these estates vary with a margin of Ksh2,000.The average rental price for a single room


is Ksh 3,000-Ksh.5,000 while one bedroom is Ksh 6,000-Ksh10,000 and two bedroom goes for Ksh


9,000-Ksh 15,000.



The average price for three bedroom is Ksh 18,0000.


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