Nakuru County is one of the highly populated Counties in Kenya but overtime, it has been ignored by the

political parties it affiliates itself to. In 2013, Jubilee harvested plentiful from the voters basket likewise to

PNU in 2007. The County has remained loyal to her Mt. Kenya brothers in every election year, giving all the

necessary political backup, sacrifices and support to presidential candidates from the region. The same

support is expected in 2017 where the County is currently deemed as a strong hold of jubilee party headed

by President Uhuru Kenyatta.


In all key available government positions and especially the Cabinet Secretary positions, there is no

appointed person from Nakuru County. The County has politically remained in a comfort zone where its

current leaders show no interest in higher positions. This is the main reason their Mt. Kenya counterparts

override them in every meaningful political decision.


Jubilee Party has settled for William Ruto (WSR) as its presidential candidate in 2022, but have not agreed

on who would deputise him. Mt. Kenya politicians are already in the game on who is capable of holding the

deputy president position but back in Nakuru County, every politician is at comfort, no more ambition than

the current political offices they are holding.


The time is ripe for Nakuru County to be represented in the higher office, Apart from Kiambu, no other

County bosses many registered voters and affiliated to Jubilee than Nakuru County. Its leaders should now

negotiate with Mt. Kenya counterparts to be given the Deputy President position in the year 2022 for being

loyal to them for a very long time. It’s payback

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