To list your business with Nakuru Tuishi website portal, follow these procedures.

  1. Google Nakuru Tuishi or get to the page through
  2. Click on my account.
  3. Register as a new user by clicking on register.
  4. Fill in the required information from the dialogue box that appears. Then click on register now and your account is ready.

After you’ve created your account, follow the following steps.


  1. Place your cursor on ADD LISTING and click on ADD PLACE
  2. Enter your Business details on the sheet provided. The sheet resembles the one below

NB..All fields marked with asterisk are compulsory, the rest are optional.

From the sheet below,

  1. PLACE TITLE….This is where you put the name of your business in the dialogue box
  2. PLACE DESCRIPTION……This will form the profile part of your business, describe your business in full. The description space is unlimited.
  3. TAG KEYWORDS…..Enter words that you would like your business to be associated with in the next dialogue box as below.
  4. CATEGORY…….Select the category under which your business falls by clicking on the drop down arrow on the right side as shown below by the red rectangle.

Assume for example you have selected BEAUTY as your business category; you will be able to see the following box. From it select Beauty (in your case select the business category you have selected from the drop down menu) as default category.

  1. SUB CATEGORY…..From the same dialogue box (The one above), select a sub category of your business by clicking on the drop down arrow from select category box and below the words “Add listing in category”. Or as indicated from the area marked with the red triangle below,


  1. Set the exact location of your business in the Google map provided as given by this example.

Note that, the Address field updates itself automatically when you set the location of your business on the Google map.

Zip/Postal Code is an optional field.

Also note the following information updates automatically when you set the location of your business on the Google map provided.




  1. BUSINESS CONTACTS….Fill the following information. The fields are optional but remember they are the ones that lead your customer to reach you easily.
  2. IMAGES & PHOTOS….Add images of your business location, Buildings, Products that you sell with prices indicated on them. You can upload thousands of images. There is no limit.


  1. TERMS & CONDITION ……Accept our Terms and Conditions and Click on Review your listing to see how your business appears on Nakuru Tuishi.
  2. PUBLISH YOUR BUSINESS…….After you have clicked on Review my listing, you will be able to see the following dialogue box. From here you can go back and edit your business, Cancel everything and start afresh or you can click on publish and save your business on Nakuru Tuishi website portal and people, customers, suppliers will be able to see you.
  3. THANKYOU NOTE…….After publishing your business you will get the following thank you note

N.B…Your Business will be published for free for the first 3 months, Thereafter, you will be charged Ksh.2,500 every year for the listing.

Welcome To Nakuru Tuishi. It’s now easier for people to find your business


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