It is no secret that Kenyan employers value work experience when considering candidates for different

jobs. This is why fresh graduates are finding it hard to secure employment since all they have is their



However, all is not lost. If you are fresh from college and looking for a job, worry not because this will not

stop you from getting the job of your dreams. While many jobs will require some experience even at entry

level, there are still some that do not need any work experience. Lets explore them.


1. A Cabin Crew/ Flight Attendant: 


Are you looking for a well paying career that will enable you to fly across the globe? Every year, major

international airlines conduct recruitment exercises for cabin crew professionals. Whether it is Emirates,

Qatar airways, Etihad or South African airways, these careers require zero work experience. The only

requirement is A high school qualifications with the applicant being least 21 years from the time of

application. Only much emphasis will be given to your physical looks. A cabin crew attendant earns as

much as $1500 per month which is equivalent to K’sh 135,000. How cool is that?


2. Graduate Trainees:


Talk about PWC, Deloitte, Safaricom, Total, Stanchart and the likes. These international and prominent

companies conduct graduate trainee programmes to bridge the work experience gap. The programmes are

meant to introduce fresh graduates who have no experience into the world of work. They equip students

with the necessary skills and knowledge needed in the work place. A graduate trainee with no work

experience in such companies can earn as much as Ksh 100,000. We will keep you posted on the next

graduate trainee recruitment.


3. Bank Clerks:


The Banking industry is one of the fastest growing and also the best place for a fresh graduate to work. A

first job as a banking clerk gives one the best foundation for success in a banking career. A bank clerk is

often an entry level position and does not require any experience as it involves on the job training and can

be a stepping stone for other banking careers. However, if you are looking for a well paying bank job as a

fresh graduate, you need to consider the size of the bank itself as international banks tend to pay fresh

graduates much more than local banks. When it comes to salary a fresh graduate at Standard Chartered

bank can earn up to Ksh70,000.


4. Government of Kenya: 


Working in the parastatal or the public service has become an in thing for most job seekers in Kenya. Talk

about flexible working hours, job security and numerous benefits. Parastatals such as Kenya Power, Kenya

Revenue Authority, KenGen and the likes have a reputation for compensating their employees well. Also,

such institutions pay fresh graduates a starting salary of at least 80,000 or even more. Now you know why

working for the Government is a good thing after all.


5. Medical Personnel:


The medical profession is not for the faint-hearted as it takes one at least six years to complete a medical

course in Kenya. Due to the shortage of doctors and medical personnel in the country, trainees get jobs

immediately after graduation from government and private hospitals. Medical personnel are one of the

highest paid coupled with numerous benefits they all receive. The starting salary for a Medical Doctor in

Kenya is around Ksh100,000 per month, and as they begin to gain experience, they get paid more.


6. Politics:

Kenya politicians and mostly MPs are among the most paid in the world. Thanks to devolution, a lot of

elective posts such as women reps, MCAs, Senators and Governors exist. While there are some

educational requirements that one has to acquire to vie for them, no work experience is needed here. All

you need to do is to figure a way to woo voters and wait for million-plus shillings a month plus benefits in

your bank account.


No matter how tough the job market is, there are still jobs for those without experience. You never know

because your next opportunity might be around the corner. (




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